The Sports Management Group is recognized nationally for its work in every aspect of planning and development of recreation, sports, aquatic and community facilities. Our unique approach to facility design and operational planning results in sports and recreation facilities that serve as the heart of the community or campus. Our thorough feasibility assessments provide the foundation needed for sound decisions and the tools required to manage and operate successful recreational services that create and enhance community spirit. For Additional Information About Our Services Select A Category from Below:

Feasibility Studies

Our proprietary process and proven methods involve all stakeholders in the design process by engaging their needs and desires while working to build the support and ultimately consensus that is fundamental to facility success.

Needs Assessment
Market Analysis
Fee Study & Development
Economic Analysis
Partnership Opportunities
Community Involvement
Focus Groups
Public Workshops
Stakeholder Workshops
Survey Design And Analysis

Economic Analysis

In today's volatile economic climate planning ahead is key to riding out tough times! We can help you understand the economic realities of your project before you build and help you optimize both space and program to ensure a facility that both remains in the black while meeting the needs of your stakeholders.

Probable Operating Costs
Potential Revenues
Funding Options

Design Consulting

Designing a facility involves a clear understanding of space requirements, functional adjacencies, and performance standards to efficiently operate and maintain your center for the future. With over 24 years experience across all facility types and user groups, our unique understanding of the impact of layout, adjacency, materiality, and transparency on the functionality and performance of a facility can help you avoid the pitfalls that plague facilities around the country earlier in the design process - saving you time and money.

Our long history of working with architects, designers, staff, and sub-consultants allows us to effectively communicate the functional needs of a facility's program while maintaining the integrity and vision of the design. Our extensive knowledge of the effects of form on a facility's function and operational performance provides the solutions to many of the problems that can inhibit a design while preventing other problems from severely impairing the facility's operation. We work diligently with the owner and the architect to provide creative and cost effective solutions to facilitate a smooth and fun design process that leaves both parties satisfied and has resulted in countless award winning, top performing facilities across the country.

Detailed Architectural Program
Performance Standards
Building Standards
Space Requirements
Spatial Relationships
Design Review
Design Specifications
Architectural Plan Review

Strategic and Operational Planning

Your facility is under construction, now what? The key to successful facilities is excellent strategic and operation planning prior to opening. That's where we come in. With over 24 years helping communities and universities plan their future facilities operations from staff schedules to operations manuals to training to programming we can help you plan and execute a successful Grand Opening and build a foundation for years of successful operation.

Strategic Planning Support
Policy and Procedures Manuals
Operational / Management Forms
Operational Budget Planning
Staff and Organizational Plan
Maintenance Program Planning
Start-Up / Grand Opening Assistance

Equipment Specifications

New facilities require everything from first aid kits to basketball backboards. Our extensive and continuous research about the evolving sports and recreation equipment industry and hands-on experience help you to make the right equipment decisions. Our staff maintains an extensive database of equipment, including all the latest innovations at all levels of the industry. From detailed drawings to pricing, we can provide specifications support, including equipment comparisons and CAD equipment layouts to optimize a facility's functional performance. Hoping to obtain a LEED certification? Look no further - we can help you identify long lasting, high performance equipment that also qualifies for LEED points.

CAD Fitness Equipment Layouts
Contract & Non-Contract Equipment
Equipment Replacement Program
Equipment Budgets

Facility Programming and Audits

In a time of budget cuts and program slashing by universities, cities, and states around the country we are all feeling the squeeze of the economic downturn and shaky recovery. However, sports, recreation, and aquatics are a vital component of our collegiate and community services that facilitate recovery. Our proprietary approach to Facility Programming can help your community or university optimize programming opportunities and facility operations in order to maximize the efficiency of your sports, recreation, and aquatics services and cope with budget cuts.

Program Development
Program Review and Audits
Performance Standards

Master Planning

The Sports Management Group is recognized nationally for its work in every aspect of planning and is dedicated to serving the needs of community recreation master planning. Founder Lauren Livingston has assembled an outstanding team of specialists from each of the critical areas relating to parks and recreation master planning, facility planning, recreation and park programming, operations and economics who all take pride in their ability to develop solutions uniquely matched to our clients’ strengths and needs. Typically, our services in Master Plan development include:

Demographic Analysis
Needs Assessment
Facility & Program Assessment
Trends Analysis
Community Outreach & Survey

Cost & Revenue Analysis
Phasing Strategies
Conceptual Design